Listen Up: The Bird Song

Great blue heron photo by Bruce Wunderlich.

If you like birds, and you like puns, then you are in for a treat! “For the Birds” was written by Matt Clark, former executive director of Johnson Creek Watershed Council, an environmental non-profit in Portland, Oregon. You can listen here, and the lyrics are below.

See if you can find all 47 birds in the song as you enjoy this bit of avian wordplay!

For the Birds

by Matt Clark

If I asked you a wigeon, would you answer merganser?

Would you tell me a pintail as true as a smew?

Well, eider believe you, I’d a grebe with you

We wouldn’t buffleheads if it mallard to you.

Can you condor with candor?

Are you goose, are you gander?  Can you manage a tanager too?

Well dowitcher wanna, with your northern jacana

On a whimbrel, owl do the same too.

Pauraque me to sleep

Avocet my alarm clock

Kittiwake me in the mourning . . . dove

Grab me a spoonbill, shoveler in my cereal

Snap, Grackle, Pop’s what I love.

I’ve been heron from some

A good parula of thumb

Is not to harrier your way through your food

If you’re fulmar or sora, If your pelican-not fit mora

oriole surely be one sorry dude.

You’re my ani, you’re my plover

Mynah veery own bird lover

Will you murrelet me kiskadee you?

Whip-or-will that be auk-ward?

Willet make you feel bluebird?

Albatross-ting you to teal me the truth.

Well it’s that ptarmigan

Wren my bird song must end

I’ll sparrow you more silly puns

You say you were confused

Well, my eagle is bruised

But I’ll swallow my pride and be dunlin.

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