Bird Identification




Common Goldeneye

Look For The common goldeneye is a medium-sized, large-headed diving duck with a spectacular eponymous yellow eye visible even from a considerable distance. Its forehead slopes …
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Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Look For Among flycatchers, the yellow-bellied flycatcher is distinguished by its olive-green overall color, yellow throat, and complete white eye ring. Listen For The loud and abrupt chebunk …
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Olive-sided flycatcher photo by B. Matsubara / Wikimedia.

Olive-sided Flycatcher

Look For With its generous-sized head, long wings, and a short, wide tail, the olive-sided flycatcher is one of the largest tyrant flycatchers. It has a …
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A band-tailed pigeon sits on the edge of an empty birdbath.

Band-tailed Pigeon

What Does a Band-tailed Pigeon Look Like? Band-tailed pigeons are a large pigeon with a purple-gray head and gray body. A white crescent or collar on …
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American Bittern

Look for American bitterns are a plump, medium-seized wading bird with a stout neck and a bill that has a heavy base. Adults are brown above, …
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Pygmy Nuthatch

Look for The pygmy nuthatch is a small songbird with a large, round head and short legs, wings, and tail. Its upperwings and back are a …
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Sharp-tailed grouse performing a mating display. Photo by Mona Doebler.

Birding Custer State Park

“Where can we find three-toed and black-backed woodpeckers?” We were at Custer State Park, South Dakota. Three-toed and black-backed woodpeckers are on the park bird …
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North Dakota State of Mind

When bird watchers die (or, as my dad would say, shoot through), they must go to North Dakota in June. Heaven just wouldn’t measure up. …
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South Dakota Bird Watching

Birding South Dakota South Dakota is a study in habitat variety: large reservoirs from the Missouri River, mountains of the Black Hills, and tallgrass prairie and …
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