BWD is a new publication that picks up where Bird Watcher’s Digest left off. It is called simply BWD, and it has the same great content of the old magazine but with many improvements.

Who are the staff and contributors?

We’ve got a top-notch roster. Many of the people who formerly worked on Bird Watcher’s Digest have joined BWD, including Editor Jessica Vaughan, Consulting Editors Dawn Hewitt and Julie Zickefoose, and Photography Editor Bruce Wunderlich.

Most of the prior contributing writers will also be on board, along with a few new rising stars. Our contributors include: Bryony Angell, Al Batt, Pete Dunne, Katie Fallon, Mark Garland, Alvaro Jaramillo, Tom Johnson, Scott Weidensaul, Bruce Wunderlich, and Julie Zickefoose.

Who are the publishers of BWD?

We’re Mike Sacopulos and Rich Luhr. Mike is a long-time birder and attorney, and Rich is an experienced niche magazine publisher. We believed that Bird Watcher’s Digest was too good to let fail, so we joined with several of the former employees and formed a new company to publish BWD.

How can my business advertise in BWD?

Please contact Jim Rohrlack at (847) 809-6931 or send email to [email protected]. He’ll be glad to discuss your needs and help you build your business.