Say's Phoebe

Say’s Phoebe

Look For

A medium-sized gray-brown flycatcher with rufous pink sides and a square black tail. Dark eye line stands out on gray head. Upper wings, best seen in flight, are plain gray. Like other phoebes, the Say’s phoebe wags its tail while perched.

Listen For

A sad-sounding, down-slurred call: pee-yerr or pyeer. Sometimes alters the two phrases.


While our other two phoebes (black phoebe and eastern phoebe) prefer to be near water, Say’s phoebe can survive in much drier habitats.

Find It

Prefers open habitat, including prairie, scrublands, canyons, ranches, and parks.


Say’s phoebe has a huge breeding range, from the desert Southwest to the tundra habitats near the Arctic Circle.

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