Redhead duck


Look For

A medium-sized diving duck named for its deep rust-red head. The male redhead’s black breast contrasts with a pale gray back. His gray bill is tipped in black, and the eyes are yellow. Female is uniformly gray-brown overall with a pale eye-ring and a pale area surrounding the base of the bill.

Listen For

Quacks like, well, a duck. Also makes some catlike mewing sounds.


Very similar to the larger canvasback, which has a bright white back. In mixed flocks of these two species, redheads look dull by comparison.

Find It

More widespread in winter, when flocks can be found on open water, especially lakes and freshwater and saltwater bays. Breeds in freshwater marshes throughout the Great Plains to Alaska. Winter across the southern half of the U.S.


Redheads are most active at night, spending days resting on the water. Imagine diving for your food at night!

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