Northern goshawk photo by N. Wedge / Wikimedia

Vermont Bird Watching

Birding Vermont

It’s a small state, but Vermont has breathtaking scenery and genuine historic charm. It has good birding, too, with 385 species reported in eBird, including roughly 200 breeding there. “Vermont offers birding experiences disproportionate to its small size,” says the Vermont Audubon website. Leaf peepers flock to the state in the fall because the forest is dense and the landscape rugged. If you’re in Vermont, the backdrop is bound to be awe-inspiring. The Green Mountains run north-to-south through Vermont, and its highest peaks are home to alpine vegetation. Although the state is landlocked, Lake Champlain forms much of its western border, and the Connecticut River its eastern border. The rolling piedmont in the east and the highlands of the wild and remote Northeast Kingdom (what a great name for a region!) in the upper right corner also host birding hot spots.

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