Colorado Bird Watching

Birding Colorado

Colorado is one of the Four Corner states and has a diverse landscape nearly bisected by the snow-topped Rocky Mountains. East of the mountains are the semi-arid high plains, where cattle ranches dominate the rolling landscape. To the west are mesas, desert lands and desert canyons. Colorado’s climate, consequently, is as wide-ranging as its landscape, and thanks to this diversity of habitats, boast about 500 bird species on its state checklist. Not many states can claim an endemic, but the Gunnison sage-grouse is found only in Colorado. Several other bird species with limited ranges, or that are generally found much farther north, can be found in Colorado, including white-tailed ptarmigan and sharp-tailed grouse. These species, plus all three rosy-finch species, majestic scenery and crisp, dry air, draw birders to the Mountain State like a magnet.