Bird Conservation

Learn how to properly observe a snowy owl sighting. Photo by Peter Trueblood.

Snowy Owl Viewing: Observe Without Disturbing

Seeing a snowy owl is a rare privilege. Snowy owls are magnificent birds, and attract considerable attention when they visit the Lower 48 in winter. Enthusiastic observers and photographers should understand and remember that these birds may be stressed by hunger and long-distance travel. It is important to resist the temptation to get too close …

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An aerial view of the Amazonian rain forest. Photo by Neil Palmer / Wikimedia.

Rediscovery: The Golden-crowned Manakin

In terms of biodiversity, no other wilderness area can compete with the Amazonian Rainforest. Amazonia is the vast region of intricate rainforest found in northern South America. The forests surround the great drainage basins of the Rio Amazonas and its tributaries. Historically, boats traveled the natural “highways” of waterways through the rainforest. Large areas of …

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