Pelicans & Cormorants

Magnificent frigatebird

Magnificent Frigatebird

Look For Frigatebirds have long, forked tails and distinctive plumage. Their average wingspan is 90 inches—that’s almost 8 feet! Despite its long wings, this bird has relatively small feet that contribute to its awkward movements on land. They rarely walk or swim. This rather prehistoric-looking species can soar above the clouds effortlessly and stay aloft […]

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Double-crested cormorant drying its feathers in the sun. Photo by Suresh Lakkaraju / Wikimedia Commons

Double-Crested Cormorant

Often, the somewhat snakelike black neck and head is all that betrays the presence of a swimming double-crested cormorant. With practice, birders can easily distinguish a distant, flying double-crested cormorant from a pelican, goose, heron, or other large bird by its all-dark form, thick and somewhat wavy neck, longish tail, and slow wingbeats. The cormorant’s

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