Window Strikes: Preventing Collisions and Helping Stunned Birds

We’re in the midst of Global Bird Rescue Week (October 5–11), an annual event sponsored by FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) Canada, whose mission is to inform and educate people around the world to take action to keep birds safe from building collisions. Hundreds of millions of birds fatally collide with windows and buildings in North America every year, and the American Bird Conservancy estimates that every home is responsible for about two deaths a year.

What to do when you hear the unmistakable thud of a bird hitting the window? Bird Watcher’s Digest Editor Dawn Hewitt shares how you can help a stunned songbird, and BWD columnist Julie Zickefoose advises on what to do with an injured raptor.

We also offer a list of things you can do to help prevent window strikes, including adjusting the placement of your feeders, using stickers or decals, or purchasing a product like the Feather Guard.

If you are moved to take action to help birds beyond your home, Audubon’s national Lights Out program is always in need of volunteers. Find out if there is an existing Lights Out program near you and how you can support this initiative’s important work.

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