Time for Bird Bingo!

It’s spring! It is literally time to get out there with the birds! To keep things interesting, especially as avian activity continues to ramp up with spring migration, we offer Bird Bingo!

We have designed bingo cards for five regions of the United States: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest. Click on the PDF for your area and print it out. Challenge yourself, your birding buddies, or your family members to fill a straight or diagonal line—or to fill the entire card! This is a great activity to challenge young birders! See who can fill the most squares in a day, or a week, or however long you choose. There are lots of possibilities here, and the players decide the rules, such as whether heard-only counts. The only strict rule is to have fun with it! We hope you enjoy this little game, and that it encourages you to pay attention to the birds.

The competition among BWD staff is stiff! Production director Bruce Wunderlich won last year—he created the game, after all—but editor Dawn Hewitt vows to claim the 2021 championship!

Download Bingo Cards for Your Region!

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