Longleaf pines at Weymouth Woods in North Carolina. Photo by Bobistraveling / Wikimedia.

Ecoregions of North Carolina

North Carolina is composed of three physiographic regions: mountains, piedmont, and coastal plain. The latter includes the narrow barrier islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean just off the state’s eastern coast. The coastal plain encompasses nearly half the land area in the state. It is a vast, mostly flat region that stretches from the coast

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Mississippi woodlands and river in autumn. Photo taken near Jackson, Mississippi by Natalie Maynor / Wikimedia.

Ecoregions of Mississippi

Where does one find birds in Mississippi?  Just about everywhere. Many species are ubiquitous, you just can’t miss them, even in urban areas. In the busiest sections of the largest cities, there are always rock pigeons, European starlings, and house sparrows. The parking lots of supermarkets and fast food emporiums are seldom without their daytime

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