Philadelphia Vireo (Photo: Andy Reago and Chrissy McClarren/Creative Commons)

Philadelphia Vireo

In summer they can be found in a variety of wooded habitats, usually lower than those favored by red-eyed vireos. They favor open woodlands, streamside willows and alders, and areas regenerating after fires.

The songs and calls are so similar to those of red-eyed vireos that most bird watchers cannot tell them apart with confidence. The song of the Philadelphia vireo is usually very slightly higher pitched to most ears and is slightly less rhythmic, with the phrases slightly farther apart.

2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Vireo”

    1. Only during migration, spring and fall. They nest farther north. It was named in 1851 by John Cassin from a bird collected Philadelphia during migration. It’s really not common in Philly. A better name for it would be the Quebec City vireo. Dawn Hewitt, Bird Watcher’s Digest

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