Mountain Bluebird by Elaine R Wilson / Wikimedia

Mountain Bluebird

Our all-blue bluebird, the mountain bluebird nests in open country at elevations above 5,000 feet in the west. This species often hovers while hunting for insect prey.

Field Marks

The male is sky blue above and light blue below. The female is light blue-gray overall, with darker blue wings. This bluebird is larger and longer-bodied than the western and eastern bluebirds, both of which show some rusty orange in their plumage.


Song is a soft warbled two-note phrase: choo-lee. Call is a thin, descending wheew!


Mountain bluebirds nest in open country. They winter in open lowlands with scattered trees. Found in flocks in winter.


Uses nest boxes in appropriate open habitat. Winter flocks may visit feeding stations for suet, suet dough, fruit bits, and mealworms and for water at birdbaths.

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