Orange-crowned Warbler (Photo: Creative Commons)

Orange-crowned Warbler

Look For

The orange-crowned warbler is a small and very plain warbler with a small finely pointed bill and a light, broken eye-ring. Perhaps the best field mark for this greenish-above, yellowish-below warbler is the yellow undertail.

Listen For

Song is a fast trill that slows in tempo and drops in tone. Call is a faint tik!


Despite its name, the orange-crowned warbler’s orange crown is not a regularly seen, reliable field mark.

Find It

Far more common in the West and North than in the East. In summer, prefers aspen groves, woods with a brushy understory, spruce forest, and streamside thickets. In winter, common in the South in similar habitats as well as in parks and gardens.


The orange-crowned warbler is one of our warblers that will visit bird feeders for mealworms, suet, and peanut bits.

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