Canyon Wren | Photo: N. Reynolds/Wikimedia

Canyon Wren

Look For

Rusty brown body and grayish head contrast sharply with white throat and breast. Bill is very long, slender, and slightly down-curved. Small white dots on head, back, and wings are visible at close range. The canyon wren is usually heard before it is seen.

Listen For

The canyon wren is a strong singer, and its song is a series of slurred, clear notes that cascade downward in tone: tee-tee-tee-tee-tyew-tyew-tyew. Call is a harsh, burry jeertt!


Our other western wrens lack the contrasting dark belly and white throat and breast of the canyon wren.


Canyon wrens use their long thin bills to probe for food in tiny cracks between rocks.

Find It

A year-round resident of steep rocky slopes, cliff faces, canyons, and stone buildings. Often near water. Its loud, ringing song is the best clue to this bird’s presence in appropriate habitat.

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