Mountain Bluebird, photo by Elaine R. Wilson / Wikimedia Commons

Montana Bird Watching

Birding Montana

Habitat in Montana is as diverse as the state is wide: Rocky Mountain peaks in the West and the Great Plains of the eastern two thirds of the state. In the north is spectacular Glacier National Park where golden eagles, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep can be spotted on rocky ledges; in the south is Yellowstone National Park and the Little Bighorn Battlefield, where you might spot a prairie falcon taking a prairie dog. In the big-sky plains, look for nesting Franklin’s gull, Baird’s sparrow, and McCown’s and chestnut-collared longspur. You might even spot a sharp-tailed or greater sage grouse. In the winter, you might luck onto a gyrfalcon. In the mountains, you might find gray-crowned or black rosy-finches, or even a great gray owl.