Bird Bingo Revisited! A FREE Printable from BWD

Common yellowthroat (male). Photo by Bruce Wunderlich.

Back in April, the staff at Bird Watcher’s Digest commenced an internal competition to see who could fill their entire Bird Bingo card first. A few of us checked off most of the squares pretty quickly, given that we were in the midst of peak migration, but a few birds have remained elusive all these weeks. Finally, this morning at our staff meeting, production director Bruce Wunderlich announced, “BINGO!” At long last he found a common yellowthroat to close out his card. Congratulations to Bruce on being the BWD staff Grand Bird Bingo Champion, checking off all 25 birds on his card! (his big prize being this amazing shout-out, ha!)

In case you missed the Bird Bingo cards we designed to help keep your socially distant birding interesting, check them out below. We have cards available for five regions of the United States: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest. Simply click on the PDF for your area and print it out. Challenge yourself, or your housemates, or a birding buddy, or your bird club to fill a straight or diagonal line—or to fill the entire card! See who can fill the most squares in a day, or a week, or however long you decide. There are lots of possibilities here—the only rule is to have fun with it! We hope you enjoy this little game as much as we have.

Download Bingo Cards for Your Region!

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