Bird Bingo! A FREE Printable from BWD

Like many of you, the staff at Bird Watcher’s Digest has been spending a lot of time lately in our backyards and local patches keeping an eye on the birds. To keep things interesting, especially as avian activity continues to ramp up with spring migration, we offer a fun twist on your socially distant birding—Bird Bingo!

We have designed bingo cards for five regions of the United States: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest. Simply click on the PDF for your area and print it out. Challenge yourself, or your housemates, or a birding buddy, or your bird club to fill a straight or diagonal line—or to fill the entire card! See who can fill the most squares in a day, or a week, or however long you decide. There are lots of possibilities here—the only rule is to have fun with it! We hope you enjoy this little game.

Now, please excuse me while I head back out into my yard… the BWD staff Bird Bingo competition is stiff, and I think I just heard a gray catbird!

Download Bingo Cards for Your Region!

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