The common merganser is one of many Michigan winter birds you can find. Photo by Alan D. Wilson / Wikimedia.

Wisconsin Birding by Season: Winter

Winter Birds of Wisconsin (December, January, Feburary) “Cold enough for you?” During most winters in Wisconsin, that simple query says it all. Subzero temperatures are common, with northwest winds sometimes adding sting. But no matter how low the mercury dips, or how deep the snow cover, you’ll find winter birds of Wisconsin going about their […]

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Sandhill Cranes. Photo by Duane McDowell

Wisconsin Birding by Season: Fall

Fall Birds of Wisconsin (September, October, November) During autumn in Wisconsin, thoughts turn to bountiful harvests, fall festivals, and, for some, a certain football team at Lambeau Field. A quick drive around the state, however, makes it abundantly clear that the Packers’ green and gold are only two of the colors gracing the fall landscape.

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