Bonaparte's gull, one of many Mississippi birds you'll find in winter. Photo by Ken Chan / Wikimedia

Birds of Mississippi: Winter

Winter Birds of Mississippi (December, January, February) December:  As the bird-watching year comes near to full-circle, bird watching gets a fresh breath with birds in the backyard, and the settling in of what will be winter’s bread-and-butter species.  If you, who were once a novice, have followed birds throughout the entire year, you will have […]

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Magnificent frigatebird in the Galapagos.

Birds of Mississippi: Summer

Summer Birds of Mississippi (June, July, August) June:  Surprisingly, shorebird migration isn’t yet over; and efforts to see these shorebirds should continue as well. Surely you have noticed that spring migration is prolonged; while the height of it takes place during March, April, and May, it actually began way back in late January, winds down

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Hooded Warbler

Spring Birds of Mississippi

Spring Birds of Mississippi (March, April, May) March: While we should not exclude permanent and those remaining winter residents from our areas of attention, March is most exciting for an almost non-stop assemblage of migrants from the tropics.  They run the gamut, from cattle egret, green heron, yellow-crowned night-heron to Mississippi kite and broad-winged hawk,

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