North America’s New Birding Trails

New birding and wildlife-watching trails have sprung up like wildflowers along the major flyways of North America. The trails are self-guided routes along the nation’s interstates and byways that link premier birding habitats in convenient loops and spurs. They are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits to both bird watchers and towns along the

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The sun sets behind the hills from Boquillas Canyon, Big Bend State Park, Texas. Photo by Archbob / Wikimedia.

Top Texas Birding Spots

Sam Houston National Forest Here is the state’s largest concentration of red-cockaded woodpeckers (156 breeding clusters). Brown-headed nuthatches and Bachman’s sparrows are year-round residents. In spring and summer, add Swainson’s warbler to the list of most-wanted species. The forest also contains the nesting grounds for several additional high-profile Neotropical migrants. These include broad-winged hawk, chuck-will’s-widow,

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