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Philo of Alexandria also called Philo Judaeus, was a Hellenistic Jewish philosopher who lived in Alexandria, in the Roman province of Egypt. Philo used . Philo of Alexandria, a Hellenized Jew also called Judaeus Philo, is a figure that spans two cultures, the Greek and the Hebrew. When Hebrew mythical thought. 5 Feb Philo of Alexandria is a Jewish thinker who lived in Alexandria in the first half of the first century BCE. Whether he really was a philosopher is a.

Philo Judaeus, also called Philo of Alexandria, (born 15–10 bce, Alexandria— died 45–50 ce, Alexandria), Greek-speaking Jewish philosopher, the most. Philo of Alexandria (AKA Philo Judaeus, Philo the Jew and Yedidia) (c. 20 B.C. - A.D. 50) was a Jewish-Egyptian philosopher of the Hellenistic period, and one. As it happens, we have an excellent witness to events in Judaea and the Jewish diaspora in the first half of the first century AD: Philo of Alexandria (c25 BC

Philo of Alexandria on Early Jewish Writings: a comprehensive sourcebook for ancient Judaism. Answer: Philo of Alexandria, sometimes known as Philo Judaeus, was a first- century philosopher who was born sometime between 15–30 BC in Alexandria. Philo (25 BCE – 50 CE), known also as Philo of Alexandria and as Philo Judeaus , was a Hellenized Jewish philosopher born in Alexandria, Egypt. The few. Philo was a Hellenistic Jewish philosopher who left behind one of the richest bodies of work from antiquity, yet his personality and intellectual development have. 29 Apr Philo of Alexandria, also known as Philo Judaeus or Philo the Jew, is the most significant representative of Hellenistic Judaism, the ancient.

Philo was a Hellenistic philosopher born in Alexandria in 20 BC. He was a Roman citizen, raised in both a Jewish as well as a Greek cultural background. 6 May We put the Philo in philosophy this week, as Philo of Alexandria reads the Bible through the lens of Middle Platonism. Philo must have received a Jewish education, studying the laws and national the empire was doubtless one of the chief causes of anti-Semitism at Alexandria. Philo of Alexandria is, as we know, a remarkable literary and intellectual phenomenon. Imbued though he is with Greek culture, both literary and philosophical.


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